New Military-Grade Muscle Stimulator Unlocks Rapid Fat Loss and Muscle Growth For Those 40+ [WATCH]

  • By: Albert Hall, Friday, July 12, 2024

As I was pushing 49, I came to recognize the importance of maintaining fitness and overall health as we age. I faced challenges in terms of carving out time for myself and finding motivation.

I’ve never really been into fitness, outside of a little exercise here and there just to stay healthy. But during the pandemic, I found myself unable to do even the bare minimum, and haven’t bounced back since.

Now nearing 50, finding time between my grand kids and my job has made it even harder to prioritize getting in shape, and I just kept getting heavier and heavier.

I’ll never forget the time I struggled to breathe on Friday afternoon while carrying my groceries up a few stairs. I felt so embarrassed being so out of shape, and so helpless. I realized that if I didn’t do something, I’d lose control of my health, and I wouldn’t have as much time to spend with my family as I thought.

How My Ex-Military Neighbor Changed Everything

The next Sunday, we threw a barbecue with the grand kids. We invited our next-door neighbor, a man in his 60s who had served in the military. He’d always maintained a fit physique, and I must admit, I was a bit envious watching him drink beer and looking great for his age. He was brimming with vitality, effortlessly charming everyone, and even joined in on the kids’ games, taking turns and alternating teams.

What was his secret? I had to know how he balanced fitness with everything else in his busy schedule.

As dusk fell on our barbecue, we got to talking and I asked him how he maintained his high level of fitness and energy. His secret changed everything for me.

New Groundbreaking Technology for Losing Weight and Building Muscle

He told me his "secret"— he used a muscle stimulator called Vital FlexCore. That was it! No heavy equipment, or heavy workouts, only that and the odd bike ride when he occasionally found time.

To be honest, I was very skeptical.A muscle stimulator? Those things they show on noontime shopping TV programs?

He shook his head and told me the truth. This wasn't just any muscle stimulator; it was military-grade, and used EMS technology that melted fat and bulked up serious muscle.

He got the device from friends in the military, and told me Vital FlexCore, military-grade was developed by military engineers to meet the specific needs of elite soldiers out on the field and on the go.

The part that got me hooked? 20 minutes was all it took. Just 20 minutes before going about his day. I didn’t want to believe it, but the proof was standing right there talking to me, so I had to give it a shot.

What it Does - The Real Science Behind the Vital FlexCore

After some research, my doubts vanished.Vital FlexCore uses advanced EMS technology that works by sending electric pulses to stimulate your abdominal and arm muscles. When your muscles receive the pulse, they contract and flex — as if they were lifting weights. It basically mimics a high-intensity workout by targeting and stimulating vital core and arm muscles, but without the strain and injury of an intense workout.

The more I learned, the more amazed I was with what Vital FlexCore could really do. With just 20 minutes a day, you can:

  1. Increase your strength - For those approaching middle age, maintaining strength in your muscles is key to preventing age-related muscle atrophy and avoiding diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. The importance of keeping strong is also undeniably linked to emotional and mental health.
  2. Lose weight - Vital FlexCore boosts weight loss by promoting muscle stimulation, allowing you to burn fat and extra calories stimulating your muscles to burn calories efficiently, shedding those extra pounds.
  3. Tone and define muscles - Vital FlexCore targets specific muscles, helping you achieve a more defined look by increasing muscle density, toning, and sculpting your muscles so you not only look better but feel better too.
  4. Increase range of motion EMS technology can help improve your range of motion and consequently your flexibility by working on muscle elasticity and joint mobility, so movement becomes more comfortable.
  5. Help cramp relief - For those approaching middle age, maintaining strength in your muscles is key to preventing age-related muscle atrophy and avoiding diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. The importance of keeping strong is also undeniably linked to emotional and mental health.
  6. Increase natural blood flow - Muscle contractions stimulated by Vital FlexCore increase blood circulation, reducing muscle soreness and promoting a healthy heart. By using Vital FlexCore, you're providing muscular support while also being proactive about maintaining a strong heart.

It’s also 100% safe for people of all ages with no side effects. EMS technology has been around for years, and was even used by Bruce Lee in the 70s to supplement his workouts. The engineers behind the Vital FlexCore took it even further by improving the tech and making it portable, as an all-in-one muscle workout machine that melts

fat and strengthens muscle in no time. It’s a body hack to turn you into a muscle-building powerhouse minus the gym fees!

You know what’s great about Vital FlexCore? It’s ease of use . Just place it on your belly and arms, press a button, and you’re ready to go. There are 10 intensity levels and 6 unique modes to choose from, so you’re free to customize your workouts as you see fit. No stress or hassle—just a simple and effective way to get in shape!

After doing my research and learning all I could, I decided to try it out myself. I went ahead and ordered the Vital FlexCore from the official website. In short: it was one of the best purchases I could have made for my overall fitness, bottom line.

My 1 Month Experience with Vital FlexCore

Week 1

I was surprised that the Vital FlexCore arrived in just 3 days. Putting it on my abdomen, I was impressed by the range of modes and how easy it was to use.

After a minute of experimenting, I found a comfortable setting and left it on for half an hour while I watched TV. Despite my concerns about discomfort because of my size, I actually forgot I had it on.The Vital FlexCore was not only comfortable, but shockingly effective.

After using it daily for a week, I was amazed by the results: tighter abs, reduced midsection fat, and increased energy levels.

I saw amazing results after using the Vital FlexCore without altering my daily routine. I used it while watching TV or walking in the park. After 1 week, I was astonished by what I saw on the scale. But I retained some healthy skepticism, and decided to wait and observe the results in the following weeks.

Week 3

In just 3 weeks, my doubts and skepticism completely disappeared. I lost excess fat, dropped 2 pant sizes, and my love handles disappeared, revealing my abs.

Week 4

By the end of the month, I was extremely satisfied with the final outcome. It’s a blessing to inspire others facing weight challenges. I even shed a few more pounds in the last week, which pleasantly surprised me.

What Do Other People Say About Vital Flexcore?

While doing research on Vital FlexCore, I discovered something of a secret society of die hard advocates:

“I’m so impressed by the outcome. This is revolutionary for people looking tom sculpt their abs and get that six pack. It’s really user-friendly with cutting-edge technology. I can use it everyday, working it into my routine, whether I’m walking or working at my desk, and it’s still and experience and excellent workout. The results are amazing. In just a few weeks, I can already see a big improvement in the definition of my abs. This product is so effective, it’s remarkable.”

- Mike Scott - Scranton, PA

“I've been using it 3 times daily since I acquired it (event though the instructions suggest just once a day, but I’m really enthusiastic about it). I can genuinely sense the effectiveness of Vital FlexCore on my obliques and lower abs where I got saggy skin from parenthood. I can really feel myself changing bit by bit. It’s amazing and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”

- Rick Decker - Miami, FL

"I love it! It’s a great workout for your muscles and is exceptionally user friendly. Initially I started on the lowest setting and gradually heightened the intensity until i reached the ideal level for my needs. Also, the device’s battery life lasts a really long time.”

- Josh Summer - San Antonio, TX

Conclusion: is it worth it?

Absolutely. Here’s why.

There is NOTHING more important than health, especially as you get older. Fitness is key to well-being and feeling your best. With the right tools like Vital FlexCore, achieving and maintaining your fitness goals with a busy lifestyle has never been easier.

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They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Order the Vital FlexCore at a discounted price on their website to start achieving your dream physique and experiencing its health benefits ASAP.

The earlier you start using Vital FlexCore, the sooner you’ll start seeing results and enjoying the benefits.


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Jeffery F. - Minneapolis

"I’m thrilled with this purchase! Mode 6 replicates the cool tone of a medi-spa. Start with lower settings to avoid cramping, then settle at level 9, although it goes all the way up to 19! Remember to take rest days, you’ll feel sore after using it three days in a row!"

Review Product Picture
Joan R. - Salt Lake City

"I’ve used this twice daily for nearly two weeks and have already seen a significant change. My stomach is much tighter, more defined, and flatter. I can feel my abs contracting when I use it, affirming me it’s working. I apply it on mode 1, levels 5-7, both on the lower and upper parts of my stomach. It’s also easy to charge and holds a charge for approximately one week. Don’t hesitate, just get it!"

Review Product Picture
Carl A. - Atlanta

“The craftsmanship is excellent, designed for long-term use. The instructions are clear, and it charges quickly for repeated use. it effectively strengthens the abs, producing results when used properly. I highly recommend it.”

Review Product Picture
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